Bring your media productions alive with sound.

We offer custom music compisition, sound design, and post production for miscellaneous types of media.

Weather you are creating an app, game, animation, trailer or any other media production. By covering all aspects of audio we can deliver a total package and make your production stand out.


music composition

Original custom music composition for miscellaneous types of media like games, apps, animated and promotional movies, commercials, audiobooks and any other product in need of a unique soundtrack.
An orignal created soundtrack will improve your production by precisely appending the emotion, ambiance and quality it deserves.


sound design

Custom sound effects for any media production. For example: business movies, games or apps.
With sound effects you give extra value to your (interactive) media productions.
Sound effects will aid in storytelling and make a concept clear and understandable for their audience.


audio post & voice work

Audio post production activities like audio editing, mixing and recording voice overs. For a clear and optimal sounding game, promotional movie or any other (interactive) media production.