pretty outdated website

Hi, my name is Hessel. To be honest, this website is pretty outdated. It's January 11th 2022 while writing this message...

But I am happy to help you out with your audio production! Just give me a call on 06 48 65 83 49 or write me a message to info@hesselvanhoorn.com.

Besides making sound design for Dutch National radio I am also a singer and songriter. You can check out my music on. Lessmusic.com

This website will be updated in the feature.



We bring media productions alive with sound. From smooth sound effects for apps to stories fully acompanied with music. For any production with audio we have a solution made measure and can realize the sound you need.


hessel van hoorn

Hessel van Hoorn is a composer and sound designer from the Netherlands. From a young age Hessel spend his days playing the piano and making a lot of noise.
Nowadays creating sound became his passion and creative outlet.

After his education - composition and sound design for media at the HKU the Netherlands - he has started his own company in music and sound design.